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Christian J. L. Hermes

+55 (48) 3721-7900

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Historical and environmental aspects. Single-stage systems, Carnot cycle refrigeration, standard refrigeration cycle, cycles with undercooling and overheating cycle with intermediate heat exchanger, cycle with carbon dioxide, heat transfer and pressure drop components, the effect of foreign substances circuit capacity control methods, calculation of thermodynamic properties. Reciprocating compressors, mean effective pressure, volumetric efficiency, indicated diagram, coefficient of performance, scale effects. Multistage systems, additional components, cycles with multiple components, cascade cycles. Properties of mixtures, BRLI-H20 systems with single and double effect, capacity control, crystallization, NH3-H2O systems, elementary processes in steady state, rectification of binary mixtures, coefficient of performance, Platen-Munters system, ideal gas cycle constant pressure, constant pressure cycle with internal heat exchanger, air-conditioning systems of aircraft, Stirling cycle, vortex tubes. Refrigerants, historical, depletion of the ozone layer, the Montreal Protocol, greenhouse, Kyoto protocol, the properties of interest.

Professor "in memoriam": Cláudio Melo.


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